Sign Types

Identity Sign Group, Inc. can create any sign that you may need.  We have a design studio, provide custom fabrication, installation, and ongoing maintenance.  The following sign types are just a few of the sings types that we offer.

Pan Channel Signs
Pan Channels are the most common type of sign letter. They consist of a metal “pan” that is shaped like a letter.  Find our more about our Pan Channel Signs.

Neon Signs
Neon signs are luminous-tube signs that contain neon or other inert gases at a low pressure.  Find our more about our Neon Signs.

Monument Signs
Monument signs are a key tool in identifying, branding and drawing attention to your business. The ability to design a unique brand identifier allows your company to carry a consistent message throughout your marketing profile.

Pylon Signs
Pylon signs are similar in function to monument signs, but tend to be larger and utilize multiple components such as changeable tenant panels, the center name, electronic displays and tend to be made with multiple components.

Marquee Signs
Marquee signs are most commonly placed over an entrance to a hotel or theater and incorporate changeable messages and animation or chasing lights.

Under Canopy Signs: 
These signs are suspended or under an overhang to identify a business to pedestrians passing by or a sidewalk or breezeway.

Vinyl Graphics
Computer generated vinyl graphics for storefronts, glass applications, project signs temporary signs etc.

Interior Signs
Graphics including ADA signage, wall plaques, lobby signage, nameplates, suite identification, room numbering, complete interior packages and wayfinding and tenant identification.

Shopping Center Signs
I.D. signs and multi-tenant center I.D. signs.

Construction and Real Estate Signs
Site signs and leasing signs.

Custom Letters
Made out of aluminum, brass, copper, Titanium NuBronze, stainless steel, chrome, Plexiglas, structural foam. 

I highly recommend Shawn and Identity Sign. Shawn took care of everything and met with me on my schedule. He took time to understand my needs and patiently assisted with design changes. Identity gave me high-quality signs at a much better price than the competition. I now have the best-looking signs in my shopping strip

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